Trump Wakes Up At 5:09AM & Sends A Clear Message To Mueller, Fake News, And The Dems

In the midst of the chaos following Special Counsel Robert Mueller’s indictments, one of the most prominent Democratic lobbyists in Washington, Tony Podesta, whose brother served as the campaign chairman to Hillary Clinton, has just shook the nation by stepping down from the firm he created, after being ensnared by the Russia-Trump investigation.

His decision to step down from his position came after it was revealed that the US special counsel was investigating his work for a Ukrainian non-profit group linked to Paul Manafort.

John Podesta, who is Tony’s brother, served under Hillary as her campaign chairman, and was a victim in the hacking attack against the Democratic candidate’s campaign.

However, the interesting thing is that not even President Donald Trump could remain calm following Podesta’s suspicious decision, and immediately took it to Twitter to fire two posts in which he put the Democratic party as well as Hillary’s campaign chairman’s brother under fire.

And while it is unclear what the initial reason for his stepping down was, any potential charges or legal issues against Podesta could be embarrassing to the Democrats.

Podesta’s decision comes a while after a decision was made to bring back Robert Mueller as special counsel and task him with examining claims that the Trump campaign may have colluded with Russia during the 2016 presidential elections, however, the investigation into Podesta has been more centered around whether or not Podesta properly alerted the authorities to his work for the Ukraine group.

As of right now, there hasn’t been an official response by the White House released, but one is expected to be soon.



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