Trump Loves His New Chinese Nickname, Laughs His Ass Off When He Sees What China Calls Obama

The Chinese language is complex, they have hundreds of characters all the while the English language has 26 characters or letters. The Chinese gave President Trump a nickname.

So what name did they drum up with for President Trump?

According to Xinhua, the official translation of the President’s last name, Trump, is 特朗普 (te-lang-pu), which is actually translated to mean “special, bright, and popular.” Trump, shouldn’t mind because that is far better than his predecessor’s nickname from China. The president also maintained a small, loud group of supporters in the Asian nation during his campaign in 2016.

Te-lang-pu is only the official translation used by the official government-run media, though.

As the Huffington Post pointed out last year, other translations of Trump aren’t near as positive. 川普 (chuan-pu), which is a derogatory term for citizens from Sichuan province, is common, as is 床破 (chuang-po), which roughly translates into “a broken bed.” These disturbing names originated around the genesis of Trump’s presidential campaign, when much of the U.S. (and Chinese) media treated his campaign as a something to laugh at.

One thing is for sure: the Chinese are very fond of the nicknames they give to U.S. stars, whether they sound phonetically alike or not. Jennifer Lopez’s nickname is ‘Lord of Butt.’ Adam Levine is ‘Flirty Adam.

They also see these names as vitally- a Chinese company with a name that loosely translates into “Trump’s big win” actually had their stock shoot up on the 2016 US election night.

The translation for Obama is hilarious, ‘Obama’, was actually translated to 奥巴马 (ao-ba-ma), which sounds similar phonetically but literally means “mystery horse.” For ‘Clinton,’ they settled on 克 林 顿 (ke-lin-dun), which is “subdue the forest.”

What do you think of this awesome nickname?




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