Shocking: Top Democrat Boycotts Federal Court – THIS IS HUGE!!

There’s a reason why democracy is the preeminent political system around the globe, with the United States being right in the middle of it as the leaders of the free world and advocates for true democratic values. This way, the people of the United States, as well as many other countries, can be the voice of reason in choosing elected officials to run their country.

This is why in November of 2016 U.S. voters chose Trump to be their leader. But not all elected leaders make good on their promise to work for the people and the country. Jamilah Nasheed, we’re looking at you.

If you recall what NFL player Colin Kaepernick did to dishonor his country –refusing to stand for the national anthem– well, Nasheed has done her country an almost identical dishonor.

After his unwise and immoral move, Kaepernick struggles to find a team who will include him in their ranks, and let’s hope Jamilah suffers the same fate for refusing to recognize the Pledge of Allegiance. Many will see this as a treasonous act.


Jamilah wants to say she’s a patriot; what kind of a patriot dishonors their country like this? Nasheed has a tough time understanding that she has promises to keep to both country and people, and instead she shows support to violent organizations like the Black Lives Matter movement.

The Democratic Senator is something you would consider as obsolete. She has nothing more to offer the United States than her disappointment. Being a senator obliges one with the duty to find solutions to the problems, not just pointing them out. But not only has Nasheed done nothing to help, she has managed to aggravate and complicate things both for Democrats and Republicans.

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