The Secret Video Obama Has Been Hiding For Years Just Leaked And Trump Is Smiling

President Donald Trump is under siege (his words not mine) for how he handled the James Comey firing. That he is under attack for exercising his constitutional rights does not matter to the left.

They smell blood and are circling like sharks.

Ready to pounce on any missteps.

And truth be told, President Trump made one but it wasn’t his fault.  It is clear now James Comey manipulated the situation, possibly even tried to get fired, to get a special prosecutor appointed.

This we know.

As we know there is nothing wrong with asking James Comey to be loyal. The media thinks they have Trump dead to rights on an obstruction charge because he asked for loyalty?

Remember, Trump said loyal referring to America, his administration, the rule of law.

Now the media will have you believe this is the biggest scandal since Enron, that no President in history has ever asked such a thing.

As usual, the media is wrong. They are blinded by their hatred of Trump and so they give in and are controlled by their biases.

Red Nation Report did some digging and found an absolutely stunning video from CBS.

It appears Obama discussed loyalty with his former Secretary of Defense Robert Gates. Gates himself admitted this to Face the Nation host John Dickerson on May 14, 2017.

This is the transcript:

Dickerson asked Gates, “In the reporting about the F.B.I. director, there was a report that the president asked him for his loyalty. Help people understand the line between duty, loyalty, and personal conscience.”

Gates responded,

“I think in the context of senior government positions, I think an anecdote of what I told President-Elect Obama when we had our first meeting. And I said, “You don’t know me. Can you trust me? Why do you think you can trust me?” and so on. But at the end, I said, “You can count on me to be loyal to you. I will not leak. I will keep my disagreements with you private. And if I cannot be loyal, I’ll leave.”

Loyalty means a lot of things as Gates makes clear for every liberal to see.




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