Scott Baio B*itch Slaps Rosie O’Donnell After She Apologizes to Kim Jong-un for Donald Trump

Thank you Scott Baio. From every America, or every smart American we thank you. Because not only did you stand up for President Trump, but you just discovered the easy way to solve America’s Rosie O’Donnell problem.

And we have a serious problem with Rosie after she posted a video – yes she was dressed as a pig for some reason.

Maybe she is admitting that she is pig after all and Trump was right to call her that.

Whatever her revolting physical appearance does to you, her words are worse.

Way worse.

Rosie posted a video that millions have seen where she apologies to the brutal dictator Kim Jong-Un for President Trump.

“Hi Mr. Kim Jong-Un. Sorry if I didn’t pronounce that right. Anyways, sir, um our President Donald is a moron. Don’t listen to him. We don’t.”

She’s apologizing to Kim Jong-Un for a sitting American President’s tough talk with North Korea.

This is beyond repugnant.

What do you think Rosie Obama’s strategy worked with North Korea?

Not even a liberal dressed as a pig believes that.

Reaction was swift and brutal.

James Woods took a swipe at miss piggy.

But the best of the millions of outraged responses to Rosie came from Scott Baio.




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