New Poll Reveals That The Public Trusts President Trump More Than Media…Do You Agree?

America is having a real renaissance. We have to reach the par excellence with our great leader, President Donald Trump. The mainstream media used the Independence day weekend to publish their fake ratings. Quickly, it was revealed that is just another CNN scam, but the fraud was quickly shadowed by the facts on the terrain.

As the Dailly Caller reported, just 30 percent of Americans said they have an excellent deal or a normal level of trust in the media and the poll shows. Especially after the latest mainstream media frauds, the fake news media is on the knees. This 30 % of the people who don’t trust the media are way below the 37% of people who completely trust President Trump, the rest have not made up their mind yet.

The interesting fact of the latest state polls says that the Democrats are also a skeptic when it comes to our mainstream media. Only 56% of the leftists trust the mainstream media. Just 28% of the Republicans said the same.

The polls are extremely interesting because of each month since the beginning of 2016 and the beginning of the presidential campaigns, the mainstream media lost its primate.

Only from the past month, the ratings fell down incredibly. Incredible 4% down in only a month. It’s obvious that the liberals are completely destroyed.

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The leftists were playing on their good, old, propaganda card. They caused the great depression just with one stupid fraudulent newspaper title.

This time, they failed to impeach President Trump with another title, the alleged Russia scandal, without a single piece of evidence.

The alternative sources of media are, obviously, better. On the internet and the social medias, you can CHOOSE what you want to read, and you have a real palette of different ways to inform yourselves.

The old-fashioned, ANTI-DEMOCRATIC ways of journalism are long gone. We live in a new era of information and we have our freedom of speech to fight against the liberal fascists and their brainwashing factories.





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