Lou Dobbs Saves Trump With 3 Magic Words, Turns Pelosi In Hysterical Witch

No one in the mainstream media can call it in such a correct way every time like Lou Dobbs can. If Trump supporters are thinking it, then Dobbs is talking about it to the nation.

He even doles out those great FOX Business “power point” charts as well.

Roughly, the whole “Trump Train” community is very shocked at what is happening with Comey, Mueller and the “special prosecutor” Witch Hunt. Once again, Dobbs knows exactly what is going on and helps us by delivering a great message.

In a strong, vicious rant and smack down, Lou Dobbs pins Obama appointee Deputy AG Rod Rosenstein and calls him out on his BS.

We know that Rosenstein has written a detailed letter explaining why he believed it was in Trump’s best interest to excommunicate Comey. Shortly after, President Trump fired the corrupt FBI Director, and then Rosenstein appointed Comey’s best friend to investigate the firing that he encouraged!


It’s the only smart thing left for Rosenstein to do, and then quit himself.

The Trump presidency has been embroiled in a turmoil that has been created by the DNC and the mainstream media. Anyone who believes Trump has done so much wrong he deserves impeachment clearly doesn’t understand what impeachment is about.

Trump hasn’t violated the law while being in office, nor has he committed perjury. You know who did? Hillary Clinton’s husband Bill, who lied about forcing himself on a White House staffer.

It’s no surprise that the left goes after Trump while ignoring their own sins. Their hypocrisy knows no bounds and they know that if they ever highlight their issues, they will lose portions of their voter base.

What do you think of Lou Dobbs calling for Robert Mueller to be fired?

Share Lou Dobbs’ demands and help save Trump.



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