Kellyanne Conway Brutally Attack Clinton’s Statement Concerning Weinstein Scandal

Kellyanne Conway, the White House counselor, called Hillary Clinton a “hypocrite about women’s empowerment,” during her brutal attack towards the former first lady about her silence concerning the scandal surrounding Harvey Weinstein.

Several news networks have reported Weinstein’s long history of sexual harassment accusations, which ended in a settlement. Stars like Ashley Judd have publicly admitted they were sexually harassed, and some even claimed they were raped. Weinstein denied those accusations.

Weinstein has been one of the biggest Democratic donors and fundraiser to Clinton and the Clinton Foundation. Other Democrats that have been receiving donations from Weinstein said they plan to return his money after the scandal broke. But Clinton didn’t respond until five days after.

“I was shocked and appalled by the revelations about Harvey Weinstein,” she said in a statement. “The behavior described by women coming forward cannot be tolerated. Their courage and the support of others is critical in helping to stop this kind of behavior.”

Conway pointed out how Clinton immediately used the opportunity of the Vegas massacre to promote her anti-gun propaganda but stayed silent for days about Weinstein scandal.

“It took Hillary about 5 minutes to blame NRA for madman’s rampage, but 5 days to sorta-kinda blame Harvey Weinstein 4 his sexually assaults,” she tweeted Tuesday.

Conway brutally criticized Clinton during an interview Wednesday on Fox News

“She needs to not be a hypocrite about women’s empowerment and what it means to be pro-woman,” Conway stated on America’s Newsroom.

“She is on a book tour talking about herself and a campaign she lost—not talking about women’s empowerment, she’s not trying to help victims of sexual assault,” she added.

Conway pointed out that if Clinton was really outraged about the scandal she would have given the money back instead of keeping it.

“I felt like a woman who ran to be commander-in-chief and president of the United States, who talks about women’s empowerment, took an awfully long time to give support to these women who were coming forward and has still, as far as we know, kept the money — kept the dirty money that dirty Harvey has given her in her campaign,” she stated.

Conway says if Clinton truly wanted to do something about it, she is welcome to do so.

“She can call me in the White House today. She knows the number. She was the first lady for eight years, and work in a bipartisan fashion on sexual assault. I welcome that. We don’t hear that from her,” Conway said.

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