Just In!! CNN Hit With FCC Complaint – Network In Shock!!

AMAC — or the Association of Mature American Citizens, is the leading conservative seniors’ group in the United States. The organization has recently issued a complaint to the Federal Communications Commission concerning CNN’s coverage of the alleged Russian interference in the U.S. presidential election of 2016.

With the hidden camera footages leaked from James O’Keefe’s Project Veritas revealing how a CNN producer said the story was “bulls*** and CNN reporter Van Jones’ depiction of the Russian conspiracy narrative as a “nothing burger,” AMAC has filed a complaint under FCC guidelines in the U.S. presidential bid of 2016.

As Dan Weber, the first man at AMAC said in a press release that accompanied the submitted complaint:

” [I]t became clear CNN personnel are violating FCC rules by ‘knowingly broadcasting false information.’ It is the FCC’s chartered duty to prevent broadcasters from knowingly airing false information, and that’s why I am filing a formal complaint with the agency.

I further call on all Americans concerned with the preservation of truth and civil, democratic discourse to join me and the Association of Mature American Citizens by filing their own complaints with the FCC.”

Finally, it was about time that someone else, besides President Trump, to call out CNN on their aggressive push of the false Russian narrative.

You cannot expect to see yourself as one of the leading news organizations in the country by exhibiting such narrow-mindedness in covering an uncorroborated story just because you oppose the President of the United States.

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