Joe Biden Embroiled in Major New Scandal That Could Ruin His Entire Career

This is a special report. If you’re asking yourselves whether or not there is a DOUBLE STANDARD in our society, what Joe Biden’s niece did, and her ‘punishment’ will give you the perfect answer.

MRC Blog opened an interesting discussion on this topic after was reported that earlier this week Joe Biden’s niece announced her punishment after she pleaded guilty of $100.000 credit card fraud.

Caroline Biden, BELIEVE IT OR NOT, managed to avoid prison for this HUGE crime. She accepted a plea deal from Manhattan Supreme Court Justice Kevin McGrath. The deal is pretty clear: she is on ONLY two years probation. If she breaks the deal’s terms she will be on probation for five years. However, there is no JAIL OPTION in the deal.
Caroline used credit card of another person given to her to make a $672 purchase. Caroline did something else. She stole the victims credit card to open a line of credit for herself at C.O. Bigelow Apothecary, beauty stores etc. She spent over $100.000 between April 5,2015 and June 24, 2016.

This is not something new about Caroline. In 2013 in a huge fight with her roomates over UNPAID rent, Caroline Biden caused chaotic situation in which she PUNCHED A FEMALE COP.

Her response was DISGUSTING: “I shouldn’t be handcuffed!”– she yelled on cops-“You don’t know who you’re doing this to!”

Well, it seems that she was absolutely right. As you can see, she got 2 years on probation for $100.000 credit fraud.

I’ve seen poor or homeless or black people sentenced with years in jail, only because they stole a piece of bread, or slept UNKNOWINGLY on some bench that appeared to be on a private property… These are the American double standards. Do you realize what the liberal leftists did to our society? They created parallel state, deep state in D.C. in which they are way above the law…

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