It’s Happening! U.S. Just Deployed The B1-B Bombers!

Another ‘show of force’ has just taken place when two supersonic US bombers have flown over the Korean peninsula recently, despite threats from the war-crazed leader of North Korea Kim Jong Un’s to shoot them down.

This comes not long after President Donald Trump received advice from his national security on how to respond to the North’s recent missile tests. The training exercise was carried out last night by two US B-q bombers with Japanese and South Korean military aircraft in the midst of growing tensions between the free world and North Korea’s nuclear programs.

This was the first time that US Pacific Command B-1B Lancers conducted a joint training exercise with both South Korean and Japanese aircraft overnight. Upon entering South Korean airspace, the two bomber aircraft conducted an air-to-ground missile drills in waters off the South Korean east coast, before flowing over the South to waters between China to repeat the drill once again.

According to details released by the South Korean military, the whole thing was a part of a regular exercise to bolster military defenses as well as a way to display the strong alliance between South Korea and the United States.

After leaving their base in Guam, the South’s Joint Chiefs on Staff revealed that the two U.S. B-1B bombers were accompanied by two F-15k fighters from South Korea.

The ‘show of force’ on the other hand was left as one of the few options that the U.S. had after sanctions and diplomatic efforts with North Korea have consistently failed throughout the past few months, with the commander-in-chief himself adding that “only one thing will work,” referring to the display of force.

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