Fed-Up Black Host Eviscerates Michelle Obama On Live TV


The mainstream media acts like every single black American loves the Obama family, but in reality, a growing number of minorities are starting to see through their nonsense.

An epic video has surfaced in which black television host Deneen Borelli calls out Michelle for claiming that Americans have lost hope since Donald Trump was elected. While sitting down with Oprah Winfrey after the election, Michelle said, “Now, we are feeling what not having hope feels like.”

Borelli, however, wasn’t having any of it.

“Michelle Obama, it looks like you’re not proud of your country. Again,” Borelli said. “You told Oprah in an interview ‘the country is now not hopeful.’ Michelle, you couldn’t be more wrong.”

“President-elect Donald Trump gives us hope. Gives hope to coal miners that they will have jobs,” she continued. “Gives hope to millions of Americans that they can dump Obamacare and choose their healthcare and their doctor. Gives hope to our armed forces that they have leaders in charge of our military. ives hope to State Department officials that if terrorists strike again, they will not be abandoned like in Benghazi. Gives hope to law enforcement that they will have the White House behind them. Gives hope that inner city children can escape failed public schools. And gives hope to school children that they can get a decent lunch at school. You see, Michelle Obama, there now is great hope because you and your husband are leaving the White House. It’s morning in America.”

BOOM! I could not have said this better myself!

Many minorities are sick of the Obamas telling them how to think, and they aren’t going to take it anymore. SHARE this story if you think Michelle Obama should keep her big mouth SHUT!