Breaking: James Comey Facing Prison After Last Evidence Is EXPOSED!!

The circumstances surrounding the ex-FBI Director, James Comey, appear to get more and more strange.. It is obvious that he is trying to use word games to manipulate interactions with the Senate Intelligence Community on purpose.

According to the latest news, Comey’s associate, Daniel Richman, is decisively denying that the memo Comey handed over to him to leak was labeled as “classified,” based on CNN. In a sense, Comey got betrayed by Richman, when he stated that he never specified that the info given to him was top secret. We can’t be too shocked that these two got drowned in their lies.

When Comey was questioned about the memo he leaked, he stated that he clearly wrote the memo to avoid involving  top secret information. So, Comey wrote a memo regarding his meeting with President Trump that he can’t remember, yet he KNOWS he avoided  top secret language.

Something definitely smells funny about this story, particularly when you take into account that when Comey’s memos WERE reviewed, most of them contained information that is  top secret. It is not even a question of “maybe.”

It seems as though Comey made a decision to break his own rules by disregarding the IMPORTANT rules of information safety and security. It is absurd to think that they want to accuse the president of “leaking” info, while Comey is purposely manipulating every piece of information his pen touches.

President Donald Trump made his opinion public about the current controversy through Twitter. Trump wrote, “James Comey leaked top secret INFORMATION to the media. That is so illegal.”

The President is correct. Leaking top secret information to the media, and then LYING about it only makes the charges more severe. It is a blatant effort to make the President look bad, but they can’t even find out what information they are supposed to be talking about.

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