Breaking: DOJ Confirms: They’ve Been Investigating Clinton And Comey The Entire Time

The Department of Justice confirms that multiple referrals have led to the investigation of not only crooked Hillary Clinton, but James Comey and Susan Rice as well.

From Circa:

The Department of Justice (DOJ) has confirmed it has received multiple congressional referrals for investigations over the past year regarding the sale of twenty percent of the American uranium supply to Russia’s nuclear arm, as well as calls for investigations into allegations of pay-for-play regarding the Clinton Foundation, Circa has learned.

Multiple sources, including congressional officials, tell Circa that the requests sent to the Department of Justice over the past year have led to ongoing investigations, which they say also include investigations into the alleged leaking of classified information to the media and the improper unmasking of Americans.


A congressional source with the House Intelligence Committee, which has launched a probe into allegations that Americans, particularly members of the Trump campaign were improperly unmasked, told Circa “after all these months of investigations, there is still no evidence of Trump officials colluding with Russian hacking in the election.”

“But there sure are a lot of problems about the Democrats’ Russia connections,” said the congressional source, who was referencing recent allegations that the Democratic National Committee and Hillary Clinton campaign paid the controversial research firm Fusion GPS for the unverified dossier on President Trump. “Their whole Russia collusion enterprise is starting to boomerang back on them.”

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