Ann Coulter Utterly DESTROYS “Triggered” College Snowflake


An epic new video is going viral showing conservative commentator Ann Coulter mop the floor with a smug liberal college students.

Liberal college students seem to think they know everything about the world, which is ironic given the fact that the vast majority of the privileged little brats actually don’t know anything at all. In this video, a smug college student tries to confront Coulter, thinking it would be easy to get the better of her. Unfortunately for the student, however, she quickly learns just how wrong she was!

The student tries to make Coulter backtrack on her strong anti-immigration stance, but Coulter isn’t having any of it. She shuts the student down by all the dangers that immigrants can pose to the U.S. Coulter explains that our police force is used to American criminals being stupid, but criminals abroad are often very intelligent. In many cultures overseas, being a criminal and scheming the government is seen as “cool.” She points out that migrants have been overheard talking about how much they love the U.S. because it is so easy to game the welfare system.

Coulter goes on to say that she actually loves diversity and enjoys going to other countries to experience different cultures. However, she feels that the best way for there to continue to be different cultures is to not blend them together by having people move around to different countries.

By the end of the video, the student has absolutely no idea what to say in response! Once again, conservative logic has left a cocky liberal completely speechless.